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a uni motion assignment

IDestroy - Cheap Monday (Woodbox Live Session)

Fresh from their debut album ‘We Are Girls’ released earlier this month, we’re excited to be able to bring you all ‘Cheap Monday’ live from Woodbox HQ.

Stream, download or buy ‘We Are Girls’ here:


Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting news coming soon…
Peter Connolly : one of my favourites off the album ,well that and a few others ,change my mind every day .
Rex. Georg III : quality band ..
Ian Jevons : Fantastic!!!
maksphoto78 : Awesome! Please do a London gig with A Void!
Riot Spears : So good!

PO-12 rhythm

introducing PO-12 rhythm by teenage engineering and cheap monday.
order here:
online manual:
George Mitton : Question - if you sequence some patterns into a song and then override those patterns later, does it change the song or does it remain as it was?
Kentin Jivek : This one is my very first and the guide I always keep by my side to begin
Every song
grim : what does a sewing machine have to do with drums though
Kentin Jivek : Hi can you explain the images at the left of the screen? Under the metronome, It changes sometime (various shapes) but I don’t really catch how or why...thanks
Jack Long : “Turn that down!” Fk off Karen!




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